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Season 2 moments:

[Rory is sleeping. Lorelai walks in and sits on her bed.]
RORY: What? What is it?
LORELAI: Oh nothing. Whatcha doing?
RORY: Taking back Poland.
LORELAI: Oh, good luck with that.
RORY: Mom.
LORELAI: I have a boy in my room.
LORELAI: So I have a boy in my room.
RORY: It's Max.
LORELAI: I know.
RORY: You like Max.
LORELAI: No, uhh, yes, I do, but it's weird. We've never had a man in the house like this up there.

RORY: We can't take a road trip. You're getting married this weekend.
LORELAI: Do you have my blue swimsuit?
RORY: What about Max?
LORELAI: Sunscreen, we need sunscreen.
RORY: Mom, stop.
RORY: Are you and Max getting married?
RORY: Why?
[Lorelai starts crying]
LORELAI: Because I didn't want to try on my wedding dress every night.

RORY: Hey, I found a CD under the front seat of our car. Did you lose one?
LORELAI: Not that I know of, but I'm kind of sloppy with them.
RORY: So, you didn't hide it?
LORELAI: Why would I hide a CD?
RORY: I don't know. Bay City Rollers?
LORELAI: It's not a Bay City Rollers CD.
RORY: How do you know?
LORELAI: Because I know what's not hidden under that seat.
RORY: Ha! Because you know that Barry Manilow is under that seat.
LUKE: Where's Barry Manilow?
RORY: Under Mom's seat.
LORELAI: All right, I confess, I was hiding Barry Manilow.
RORY: You confess!
LORELAI: But he was very big when I was very small and it's the live version where he does a medley of all the commercial jingles he's written.
RORY: Don't worry. Everyone's allowed a guilty pleasure now and again.

[Lorelai and Rory walk through the front door.]

RORY: Mom, stop it. Talk to me. [Lorelai ignores her and goes upstairs] It's been two hours since you've even looked in my direction.
[Lorelai walks in and starts cleaning off her bed. Rory walks in a few seconds later]
RORY: Okay, I get it, you're mad.
LORELAI: Rory, I do not want to talk about this right now.
ORY: You were just being stubborn.
LORELAI: Go to bed.
RORY: Well you didn't want to ask for help, so I did.
LORELAI: Hey, do you remember the conversation we had before we left this house tonight?
RORY: Yes, but -.
LORELAI: I told you going to my parents was not an option.
RORY: I know, but -.
LORELAI: In fact, I told you several times that asking my parents was not an option. Now yes, I might have made a few quips to lighten the subject matter, but I still think I made my point pretty damn clear.
RORY: Fine, but we have a real problem here.
LORELAI: Oh, you think I don't know that? You think I sit around all day swapping witticisms with Robert Benchley at the Algonquin? No! I am thinking and worrying and using the computer and I hate using the computer!
RORY: Which is exactly why I brought this up.
LORELAI: You had no right to bring it up!
RORY: Why?
LORELAI: Because I told you not to, that's why!
RORY: But -.
LORELAI: No, there are no buts! There will be no buts here! There's 'I'm sorry Mom', there's 'I screwed up Mom', there's 'I'll never do it again Mom', but there are no buts!
RORY: But -.
RORY: Mom!
LORELAI: Go to bed. We're done.

[Lorelai walks into the room – a doctor is wrapping Rory’s arm]
LORELAI: Rory, good. Are you okay?
RORY: I’m fine.
RORY: Please tell her that I’m fine.
DOCTOR: She’s fine.
LORELAI: Well, then, what’s with the wrapping?
DOCTOR: Well - .
LORELAI: If she’s fine, there’d be no wrapping. There’s no wrapping if she’s fine.
DOCTOR: Her arm hit the dashboard. She sustained a minor hairline fracture to her wrist.
LORELAI: So she broke her wrist?
RORY: No, it’s just a fracture.
LORELAI: Honey, let George Clooney talk here, okay?
DOCTOR: It’s a tiny fracture, absolutely nothing serious. I’m gonna put a cast on it. She’ll wear it for a couple weeks, that’s it.
LORELAI: A cast?
RORY: It barely hurts, I swear.
LORELAI: And that’s it – just the wrist, everything else is fine?
DOCTOR: She seems perfectly healthy.
LORELAI: She seems healthy? Did you check everything out?
DOCTOR: Well, we checked almost everything that could’ve been affected, yes.
LORELAI: Almost everything?
DOCTOR: Miss Gilmore, I assure you, we were very thorough.
LORELAI: I’m sure you were, I just would like some extra thorough. Uh, anything that could’ve possibly, in any scenario, affected this body, I want it checked out.
DOCTOR: I’ll run a few more x-rays if that’ll make you feel better.
LORELAI: It will, thank you.
DOCTOR: And then we’ll put the cast on her, so it’s gonna be a little while before she’s out of here.
LORELAI: I can wait.
DOCTOR: Okay. Rory, I’ll be right back. You sit still for a minute, okay?
RORY: Okay.

[Rory is waiting out front as Lorelai pulls into the driveway.]
RORY: I'm so, so sorry.
LORELAI: You're okay, right?
RORY: Yes.
LORELAI: Everything's working? Your wrist is okay, nothing new is broken?
RORY: I'm fine.
LORELAI: Anyone you know, like Lane or someone, suddenly get sick today or break an arm themselves or get in a car wreck?
LORELAI: Okay, good. Then I can get past worry and move onto other things.
RORY: I know you're hurt.
LORELAI: Yeah, you bet I'm hurt. Rory, I really wanted you there today, more than anything. You're why I did this stupid thing in the first place.
RORY: I know.
LORELAI: It was a once in a lifetime thing. You should've been there. My best friend should've been there. Whatever it was that kept you, you should've gotten out of it, at least this once. Was it school?
RORY: It wasn't school.
LORELAI: Was it Paris?
RORY: It wasn't Paris.
LORELAI: Well, what was it?
RORY: It was so stupid.
LORELAI: Well, Rory, where were you? What happened?
RORY: I cut school!
LORELAI: You what?
RORY: I cut school and I got on a bus and I don't even know why I did it. I. . .I have no excuse. I was just standing outside of Chilton, and I don't know, I must have had a stroke or something. What does a stroke feel like?
LORELAI: I don't know. Not good, probably.
RORY: And I left school and I got on a bus and I went to New York. And that's it! I'm grounded for six months, or seven, and no TV, no stereo, no reading. In fact, take all of my books away from me and lock them up.
LORELAI: Hold on here. You went to New York?
RORY: And no magazines, either. And I'm going to do all of the housework. Laundry, dishes. . . in fact, we're going to start eating at home so that we have dishes.
RORY: What?
LORELAI: Stop. Why did you go to New York?
RORY: To see Jess.
LORELAI: Boy, do you know how to bury the lead.
RORY: I don't know what happened.
LORELAI: You went to New York to see Jess.
RORY: It was the stroke! It made me someone else, and after his phone call last night -
LORELAI: That was him?
RORY: It did something to me, I don't know what. In fact, you should take the phone away from me, too. That's right, add it to the list. No books, no music, no phone.
LORELAI: Okay, Rory. . .
RORY: I'm a horrible person.
LORELAI: You're not a horrible person.
RORY: I am sick, I'm ill, I'm cracked. This is not who I am. If I were to write this down in my diary and I would read it, I would be like, Who is this freak? This isn't me. This isn't my diary. I wouldn't do this. I wouldn't skip school when I have finals coming up to go see a guy that isn't even my guy and end up missing my mother's graduation, which I wanted to be at so badly. That's someone else. That's someone flighty and stupid and dumb and girly. And, I mean, I missed your graduation, which is the worst thing I could have possibly done. I mean, I hurt you and I had to spend hours on a stinky bus next to a guy that was spitting into a can, just thinking about all of the minutes that were going by that I wasn't at your graduation and they were hurting you, and they should have been hurting you because it was so selfish of this person who wasn't me to do what she did.
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