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Season 1 moments:

[Lorelai is drinking coffee by the Jeep as she waits for Rory. Rory emerges from the school]
LORELAI: Mm. Hey, you.
[Rory walks over, drops her backpack and hugs Lorelai]
RORY: So, this whole plaid-skirt thing. . .my idea?
LORELAI: My day sucked, too.
RORY: Promise?
LORELAI: Swear on my mother's life. [starts to pull back]
RORY: Not yet.
LORELAI: Ooh, still hugging, still hugging. [they pull apart] So, I brought us some coffee.

[Pan to later that night, Rory goes into the living room and finds Lorelai asleep on the couch. She covers her with a blanket and goes back to the kitchen. Later that night, Lorelai wakes up and goes into the kitchen to find Rory asleep at the table. She sits down and puts the blanket around Rory as well and falls asleep as well.]
[Pan to morning]
RORY: No! Oh no! [Rory runs into her room]
LORELAI: Oh jeez [lifting her head] Such a bad sleeping idea.
RORY: I’m late!
RORY: I’m late, I’m late. I woke up late!
LORELAI: Rory calm down.
RORY: I can’t calm down! I missed my bus! Get up.
LORELAI: Sweetie, mommy can’t get up right now. Mommy’s been sleeping at a right angle all night.

(Cut to Rory lying on the bed in Lorelai's old room.)
LORELAI: Hey. Can I come in?
RORY: It's your room.
LORELAI: How are you doing?
RORY: I'm sorry I snapped at Grandma.
LORELAI: Yeah, hugh? That was a pretty 'Freaky Friday' moment we had back there.
RORY: She just went ahead and invited all these kids from Chilton.
LORELAI: You're kidding. I thought she checked on that with you.
RORY: She didn't ask me or tell me.
LORELAI: Oh, man, I'm so sorry.

RORY: Mom?
RORY: I know this is lame and totally after the fact but --
LORELAI: Start from the beginning and you leave anything out you die! Where were you?
RORY: OK, I was in the aisle where the ant spray is.
LORELAI: That's a good aisle.
RORY: I know, that's what Lane said too. But anyway, so he was working and I go into the store and I sort of walked around and was pretending to shop..

RORY: What happened to all that stuff you said to Grandma What happened to trusting me? Where did all that go?
LORELAI: I think it's back on Patty's yoga mats.
RORY: This is crap! You know I didn't do anything. You know this is an accident. You're just mad because I screwed up and I did it in front of Grandma and she nailed you for it. Well I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I screwed up and I'm sorry that you got yelled at, but I didn't do anything and you know it!
(Rory goes into her room and slams the door. Lorelai sits at the kitchen table and cries.)

(Cut to Gilmore house)
(Rory comes home)
RORY: Mom! Mom, I'm home!
(Goes upstairs)
RORY: Mom?
(Finds Lorelai laying on her bed crying. Rory strokes her hair in comfort and lays down with her and hugs her.)

(Rory walks in. Lorelai hangs up the phone.)
RORY: We just broke up.
(Lorelai walks to Rory and hugs her.)

[Lorelai walks in with a small smile on her face to find Rory sitting on the couch crying eating out of a large bucket of ice cream.]
RORY: I’m ready to wallow now.
LORELAI: Oh. [Sits on the couch next to her and kisses Rory. She puts a pillow on her lap and Rory lays down and sobs. Lorelai picks up the phone and dials] Hey Joe it’s Lorelai. I need a pizza with everything ok? Thanks.

(Rory is lying on the bed. Lorelai walks through the door.)
RORY: Mom!
LORELAI: Okay, so I thought when you said, 'I'll see you at home,' you meant our home. My mistake.
(Rory gets off the bed and walks over to hug Lorelai.)
RORY: I'm so sorry.
LORELAI: Its okay.
RORY: All those things..
LORELAI: I know.
RORY: And then the...
LORELAI: Its no big deal
RORY: I'm just so..
LORELAI: I know, I know, I know. So last time I saw you you were headed home, you wanna fill in the blanks?
RORY: I don't know. I just snapped and I got sick of everything. I wanted to go anywhere.
LORELAI: So you picked hell?
RORY: It was the first place that came to mind.
LORELAI: I respect that.


(Lorelai is outside in front of the diner. She sees Rory down the street. They smile and run towards each other. They talk at the same time.)
LORELAI/RORY: You first! (They laugh) You first!
(Pan back to an overhead shot of the gazebo as they jump up and down excitedly in the street.)
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