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Saw this movie Sunday night, and glad I did, cause I've been wanting to see this movie for a while. I thought the movie was genius, it wouldn't have been genius with out the wonder script by Tina Fey.... I laughed throughout the film espicially during the end, there's a few moments which are in the dream sequence which are hilirious througout the movie... A great start for Tina with a great movie script.... As for the acting in it I thought it was great. Lindsay Lohan Hollywood's next thing did a wonderful job as the lead role, we will be seeing lots more of the beautiful and talented actress... Also thought the the supporting actors were great too, espcially the plastics, and S.N.L. Alumni... I will totally be picking this movie up when it is released on dvd... I thought it was a lot better then most teen flicks out their today, it was a lot deeper and very funny while bringing up some good points.
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