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I'm sorry guys. As much as I want to post responses to the BB questions, it's tough for me as I don't share your cause. I will answer them to the best of my abilities but I can't be dishonest with my POV. I can't even respond as a BB Friendship shipper b/c I currently do not support that either. My POV can change depending on whatever storyline is cooked up for next season, but as it stands, I'm pretty much a visitor, not a member, of this board.

Here goes nothin':

**Disclaimer: I am not a BB Shipper.**

Why are you a C/L shipper?/What attracts you to the coupling of C/L?

My complete and honest opinion: What always attracted me to the two of them (pre season 6) was the immense chemistry between the two characters as projected by Lauren Graham and David Sutcliffe. Their interactions on screen have always been sparkling with a sort of romantic chemistry that comes about from their history as childhood friends and of highschool sweethearts, and also from their compatibility as people. They speak the same 'language' of banter. There is also a sense of comfort and of security in many scenes which both actors portray. The other thing I have noticed is the sense of 'sweetness' in their interactions. It is difficult to explain what I mean, but if you watch my music vid to the song "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, it projects most of what I see in their interactions. (Their positive interactions, that is...not when they fight, lol). Lauren and David really sold me on the characters' entire history together. They mesh so well on screen.

How would you like C/L to be at the end of the series?
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How long have you been a BB, either in spirit on this thread?
I was never a BB but I have been a frequent visitor on this thread for a while...if anyone remembers when my first post got lost in the crash. I have a feeling I first posted on this thread in January.

What is your favorite C/L scene or quote?

Just one? LOL, I'll categorize.
For Angst: The fight in "A Haunted Leg"
For Chemistry and Kissing: The couch scene in "I Can't Get Started"
For Sweet and Sentimental: The scene in 2.19 just after Lorelai finds Chris asleep in Rory's room. That hug inspired my music video.
For Sweet and Sentimental - The Vice Versa Scenario: The Tequila Scene in 5.11 when Lorelai comforts Christopher

What scene turned you into a BB shipper?/What scene convinces you best to be a BB shipper or a BB Friendshipper?
If anything could it would be the scene in 2.19. That hug...sigh.

Phew. I actually had something to say! Woot!
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