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For Renée:
Why are you a C/L shipper?
I'm a shipper because these two really belong together. They complete one another, which has been shown on the show countless of times. No matter how many years had gone by, they still love each other, and they always will. At least that's something that will never change. I find them so lovable since the chemistry and banter is very appearent. David and Lauren had made this ship an amazing one, they have made it what it is!

How would you like C/L to be at the end of the series?
Of course I'll always want them to the ones left standing strong in the end, getting married and becoming the family they always wanted to be. But somehow I have a feeling, Lorelai will get married to Luke, so then all I'm praying for is for them to at least stay friends. They do need each other no matter what happens!

How long have you been a BB, either in spirit on this thread?
I've been a BB since the season 2 was showed in Sweden, which must have been about 4 or 5 years ago. Season 2 will forever the best season for Chris&Lorelai fans in my own opinion!

What is your favorite C/L scene or quote?
My favorite C&L scene is the "We Try" scene in Can't Get Started. Where Chris and Lorelai come to the agreement that the journey they had taken to end up where they were in that moment had been all worth it. And she gave him the chance he so well deserved...

What scene turned you into a BB shipper?
The dancing scene in Presenting Lorelai Gilmore. The glances, the memories, the smiles - just everything was perfect about that scene. And I can't help but love it so much.

If you want me to fill this out more, let me know ok?

ETA: Our motto should be in the 50th thread post, don't ya agree?
I think I'll call you Alec, as in Smart Alec.
I can live with that.

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