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Originally Posted by Heidielle

Hi Rachel!

Here are my answers:

Why are you a C/L shipper?

After I saw their chemistry in “Christopher Returns” there was no turning back.

How would you like C/L to be at the end of the series?

Absolutely. There hasn’t been a better guy to Lorelai yet (my opinion) so Chris/Lorelai seems like the right way to go. ?

How long have you been a BB, either in spirit on this thread?

Hmmm… Since “Christopher Returns”, the first season.

What is your favorite C/L scene or quote?

In “I Can’t Get Started” when Lorelai has just been talking to Dean and Rory and then she turns around and walks toward the porch and Christopher’s walking toward her.

LORELAI: Stop it.


LORELAI: Stop looking at me like that or everyone here will think we did it. [they kiss] There, that’ll throw ‘em off the track.

CHRISTOPHER: So this morning you woke up and felt sorry about last night?


CHRISTOPHER: Embarrassed about last night?


CHRISTOPHER: Eager and willing to repeat last night?

What scene turned you into a BB shipper?

Kitchen and balcony scenes in “Christopher Returns”.

Jack and Irina always
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