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Here are my Q&A responses!!!!!!!!!

Why are you a C/L shipper? I love the chemistry David and Lauren share. I believe it is the best ever on TV. They totally spark. Chris and Lor understand and know each other to the core. They completely stimulate each other. There is a wonderful warmth between the two. There is a total sense of joy and bliss when the 2 are in contact. Their love is deep and profound. It gives me a total feeling of delight when I watch them. Their bond touches my heart deeply.

How would you like C/L to be at the end of the series? I’d adore for C/L to be happily married by the last few eps of season 7. I want them to marry in Paris, as that is where they wanted to go as kids. I want to see a bit of their Honeymoon, and then in the last ep of the show they are back home living in a house in Hartford. I want Lorelai to discover she is pregnant in the last ep. I want the final scene of the show to be with Lorelai and Rory in the new house. I want Chris to be in the house tho. I want the sense of family. I love the idea of Lorelai being a mum to GiGi.

How long have you been a BB, either in spirit on this thread? I have been a C/L fan since I saw my fist ep of “GG”, that being “Christopher Returns”. My mouth was on the floor at the bond C/L displayed. They showed straight away they were a superb match. They were awesome. I was captivated heart and soul. No other pair on TV has ever grabbed me so hard. The first time I came to this thread was in may 2002. We had just see “The Bracebridge Dinner” here in Australia. I’ve been a loyal and steady poster ever since. BB is magic.

What is your favorite C/L scene or quote? Without question my fav BB scene and also quote comes from “Emily Says Hello”. I adore Lorelai showing Chris around the Inn and then them having lunch. The whole scene shows the brilliant compatibility C/L share. Their banter from talking about squeakmasters, and the jute box banter show how wonderful they are. And then comes my fav quote of “Oh, My God. So, sappy”. This quote was the absolute testament as to why C/L mesh so superbly. The quote coupled with the earlier question of “How sappy is it going to sound if I say that I’m proud of you?” Really showcased the comfortable and warm way C/L interact. It also showed how cerabally sympatico they are. I also feel DS & LG really brought they chemistry to new unimagined and dazzling heights. They totally were off the charts with their chemistry.

What scene turned you into a BB shipper? There was no one scene I was just caught by the whole ep of “Christopher Returns”. I was totally a fan from my first seconds of seeing them on screen.
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