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^ Yes, they did. Even though it would have been amazing to see Shawn and Jack share a scene on Girl Meets World, I would have been fine with a one-line mention that they had stayed in touch after they parted ways in the Boy Meets World series finale. Why couldn't TPTB have given us that?

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I hope he would have taken it a lot better than Shawn did

I think so too. Since Jack would have been known that Shawn expected a reaction from him, he would have accepting the gift of a caricature a lot better than Shawn did.

is right. I never liked it when Shawn and Jack had conflicts with each other.

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What was their relationship like in GMW?
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They never interacted or mentioned each other
This ^. It makes me sad that Shawn and Jack's relationship was nonexistent on Girl Meets World.
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