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Originally Posted by Butterfly85 (View Post)
I hate that that's the last time we see Mr. Turner *cries* Like I said, they could of at least gave random mentions of him recovering or something SMH.
Exactly. TPTB could have kept the Shawn/Mr. Turner connection on the show without actually showing Mr. Turner on-screen. I think a mention every once in a while about Mr. Turner's recovery and/or Shawn's involvement in it would have satisfied a lot of viewers.

Originally Posted by starryeyesxx (View Post)
It did. & it really made no sense that two people could became family like that, & then have it fade away so quickly

Exactly. I will never understand why TPTB built a more personal relationship between Shawn and Mr. Turner if they were going to drop that dynamic in the blink of an eye. They deserved better.

That is one of the toughest scenes for me to watch. It breaks my heart that that is the last Shawn/Mr. Turner scene on Boy Meets World. That should have been the continuation of their story instead of the end of it.
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