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bob mercier
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i like home alone 1 so much but i hate home alone 2 so much.

i have to admit i like home alone 1 so much it is the movie i like the most period.

because home alone 1 is the movie that gives me the most laughs period.

i even laugh at scenes in home alone 1 just when i pause the movie on them.

and home alone 1 has a once in a lifetime circumstance in it as well that is good for me and good for anyone that likes the film that was born in 1977 which is,

that 4 of the cast members in home alone 1 were born in the same year i was.

right, hillary wolf/megan, angela goethals/linnie, devin ratray/buzz, mike maronna/jeff were all born in 1977 and so was i.

and all 4 of them say quotes that cause laughs for me even though they're doing supporting roles.

sure, i get laughs at macaulay culkin's quotes in the film too because he's the number 1 person.

home alone 2 that's a different story i'll never watch that movie ever again,

because i find it to be to sad that hillary wolf quit acting all together after her appearance in that movie.

and i find it to be to sad as well that angela goethals is absent in that movie.

right, because both of them make me laugh in home alone 1.
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