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Well it's hinted at in the episode actually. A convo between Muncy and Velasco.

For a majority of her story line she was after Elias Olsen. Who she arrested finally! Then the focus becomes Shadowërk....

But just as everyone thinks Muncy's latest achievement will go by unnoticed, someone goes out of their way to give her props.

"McGrath pulled me aside after the press conference," Muncy tells Detective Velasco (Octavio Pisano), whom she's grown close to.

"Oh yeah?" Velasco says. "What did he want?"

"Wanted to congratulate me on arresting Elias Olsen," Muncy explains. Velasco says the shout-out is shocking, considering all eyes have been on the Shadowërk case lately.

"He said my contribution to the city hadn't gone unnoticed," Muncy shrugs.


"Yeah," Muncy says. "He wanted to offer me a job on a DEA task force."

"So you get your own car," Velasco guesses.

"Yeah," Muncy confirms. "Unlimited overtime..."

"So what'd you say?" Velasco presses.

"Told him I'd think about it," Muncy reveals.

Muncy says McGrath gave her a few days to consider the gig, but based on the job offer's enticing benefits, it seems like the DEA job might be Muncy's natural next step.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" Muncy asks her SVU go-to.

"Who am I gonna tell?" Velasco quips. "All I do is work, you're my only real friend."

Muncy continued to contemplate the job offer while working with Organized Crime's Detective Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger) and Churlish on the Shadowërk case. While chatting in the break room, Muncy opened up to Churlish about the potential gig and getting the promotion.

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