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I felt for her. I figured it was some kind of sleeping walking type thing, because she was off. But they had done that before. But this, way, wow. Devious. And yeah, the guilty party was suspicious from the start.

I felt for Kasie too. When its something like that, it's so uncertain. Do you want to know? Because it affects your life regardless.

Liked how Vance framed. No one knows what life will bring you. It could be a horror story, or a great romance.

Nice moment there. Although I guess if Kasie did change her mind in the next moment. It's probably sitting in her trash. And we know from prior episodes. Nothing ever stays deleted. But I could see why she did not want to know. Yeah, would I do the same. If I did the test, I would probably want to know the answer.

Pretty creepy.

Good episode though.
Over twenty years ago...
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