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You say he didn't act like he regretted anything but I disagree. Him crying was that very thing imo. That was him showing. I mean sure it would have been nice to have that kind of confirmation of him actually saying it but I'm good with what we got so far. Plus I think that is being saved for S2 when we get to explore more.

I really hope so too and I really think they will. The Hyde stuff was such a huge part in S1 and kept reminding us that no one knows how they truly are and they were the outcast to even the outcast. So I really think they and Tyler/his Hyde will be explored much more in S2.

I don't think so but I think it might have been said she was bipolar but I'm thinking that might have something to do with her being a Hyde rather than actually being bipolar. But I can't remember exactly. I should probably do a rewatch.
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