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Originally Posted by fractured moonlight (View Post)
I really can't wait for them to explore more of the lore for Hyde's and Tyler himself. And now that he is no long enslaved to Laurel I also wonder what that means for him.
Yeah! It will be fun to see where they take him in the next season.

Originally Posted by fractured moonlight (View Post)
I don't think I even paid attention to that but that is such a good point. Music plays a huge part in scenes too and the music drop is very interesting.
Originally Posted by gold-steps (View Post)
I didn't notice the music in that scene but I love analysis like that. I'm so glad someone caught that.
That moment stood out to me so much when I watched it. One of the best use of music to tell a moment in the show in my honest opinion.

I truly love when the music helps tells the story.
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