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Originally Posted by Jasper1975 (View Post)
I liked it. Seemed like the original NCIS but with it's own bent. Interesting to hear what it was like when Jane took over the unit.

And how Jesse feels a little bit guilt about how she was treated.

That was quite the rogue agent that she had to deal with. He did not seem to care that people could have been alive today if the truth had been found years before.

He cut a lot of corners.

Good to see Julie again. I was wondering if she was still with the show, because they have been concentrating on Alex. I liked the mother and daughter chat.
Agree with all of that.

That agent still thinks he did the right thing, that he didn't do anything wrong.
It was a good thing that he resigned for sure.

Liked all the Tennant family scenes adn I enjoyed that episode.
The only thing that I have to complain about is the Kai/Jessse scene when they let the "Rolex-guy" escape. Stupid work, they are not rookies anymore. (But I know, it was in the script )
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