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I saw the PT guy again today. I swear every time he talks to me about my ankle the news sounds worse and worse. he said he looked at my MRI scan again and the said I have a sprain and a tear in 3 different areas of my foot. the one on top (kind in-between both of my ankles) is the worst one and its still swollen. he said he has to do some research to find out what the best way to deal with all 3 areas that are damaged. most people only have one area they need to focus on and I have 3. he said I need to keep doing the exercises im doing to help move the muscles good since they have been so stiff for so long thanks to the boot. and that I need to keep icing it as much as possible to help with the swelling. he said this is a really bad sprain and cuz its in 3 areas its going to take a long time to heal.he doesnt have a time frame for how long though. I go back on Friday for another appointment.

good luck with finding a grooming place you like. hopefully something will work out for ya
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