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Interesting episode. So it seems that Parker once has a "Shannon" but this one does not have the tragic underbelly. I always assumed it was his ex-wife, since it was clear there was still feelings.

But it was someone else for Parker. I wonder if this episode opens that up once more.

Yeah, there is no way the son could have picked up all those personal details from letters back in the day. She had to have talked about Alden much more.

I am surprised that they never had McGee mention that he had a really bad incident or two of identify theft himself. Before computer technology took over our lives. Back in the day.

It was a very interesting episode.

Poor Jimmy. I picked up on the fact that Jimmy reluctance. I figured it was about Victoria becoming too attached to Jessica, but there was also more to it. I like that they are not simply ignoring that Breena is gone. They are showing Jimmy is still struggling with it, even as he is moving on.
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