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I dislike meeting them in playoffs think it's been 2 or 3 times in last 10 years that Leafs pull goalie and lose every single game 7 - honestly can't recall who had been coach for us up until new one last season

can recall twice but not sure if there had been a 3rd lately it's been Capitals that knocked us out but they've got Ovie where don't know how to spell his name and on phone posting so best to not to try to look because last time opened a new tab couldn't get back to the post had in progress and pretty much had to summarize what had been trying to post So personally am a fan where I don't care about nationally when it comes to sports - it's not the Russians players fault for what their leader has done

The last playoffs give them a pass taking on the 2 time defending Cup of TB where was happy that Colorado took their 3 in a row away from them - Nadzi is from my home town and already had my eye on him when he was playing here plus making history 1st time Cup had been in a Mosque where 2021 they was an awful hate crime that happened here in town

Thankfully new coach and even if TB kicked us out round 1 we surely gave them a run for their money taking them to game 7

This year am starting simple of Toronto making 2nd round not thinking Cup yet but feel like Sheldon has begun his term as Head Coach well

Though think Boston is gonna stay top until season -- how quickly did they take 1st cause almost feels like this entire time
Had to make decision that needed to focus on my financial/mental conditions.
No idea if will return but once and while may come check PM's

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