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Usually no, but he does watches movies that can relate to what happens in the episodes. Like when he reviewed First Love days after episode 5 aired and he wrote "having something (or someone) to fight for makes all the difference in life." and this sounded like a link to him caring about Max and fighting for him. He also added to his watchlist the documentary about the man Max was dressed as, in ep 5. After the episode with the TikTok drama, he posted the review of To have and have not saying it was his favorite after episode 2 (so when he kisses Max) he liked and added to his favorites some lists about queer cinema. Also he reviewed The Doom Generation, because I'm sure Safran or Matthew Begbie noticed people on Twitter said that the three lead characters looks like him, Max and Audrey

He never reviewed the movies related to the episode titles, instead, except for Parasite (= Parentsite, 1x06), but the review itself wasn't really about the episode or at least not so clearly.

So this is the first one, but to be fair the list was created before 1b aired, so he couldn't have reviewed the 1a movies anyways. The movies listed follow the episode order.
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