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Safran said that between S1 ans S2 there was too little time and that Aki wouldn't have surely wasted time to dye his hair instead of enjoying his new "exciting" relationship. When I saw him in Rome he was more blond than pink, the dye had faded a lot, for example (I think he maybe changed the kind? Because he had done it the week before coming to Italy and a week later it had already faded).

Evan went to light blue for a few days months ago, everyone thought also Aki had changed the color, but no, he went back to pink.

I don't know, for me Aki should always be pink because it's the way I first saw him. It would have been like Serena going red or black. I agree that it must fit the story first and I can see Aki changing only after a big thing, like a break up for example. He seems to be a guy who likes routine, his habits, I can't see him - at least for now - as someone who changes a lot.

Evan in NY, three days ago
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