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Paid leave does sound wrong but a start unfortunately terrible that much may only be because Roundtree is a federal agent

Why is the boathouse still the new squadroom for some of the team?

Nice to hear Sam & Aiden talk about long term effects from head injuries & how much more serious they could be or what may happen in the future. More focus needs to be put on that over simply shaking it off & continuing on like nothing happened

I get they need to test the planes but such a huge risk sending someone out after what happened with Aiden. Especially not knowing what the issue was. Thankfully Aiden could save the day

The bad guy knew something would happen & still was letting them fly?

Sam gets to Callen very quickly

& the missing characters this week are Deeks & Kensi... don't think we got told where they were?

random observation: the actress who played the nurse who was looking out for Sam's father also played the nanny who looked after Vance's children
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