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I came across quite a few tweets right now that state that Sarah stole the movie Also stuff like this:

Interview: ‘Black Adam’ Star Sarah Shahi Talks Sacrifices of Being a Working Mother in Hollywood and That Cameo Surprise

Also: sarahshahi Day 1. Camera test.. This movie was 20 years of falling and getting back up, following my gut even if others didn’t agree, over a decade of missed firsts’ with my babies. And what I got- was not just a DC movie. I got a family. DJ, mo, Pierce, Q, Noah, Bodhi, Marwan, Aldis, Jaume, Hiram, Scott, Beau, Dany- your friendship and love towards my kids and me is everything. I’ve learned from you all. I’m forever a student in your presence. and Marwan- thx for convincing me I wasn’t gonna die doing the stunt lol. Jaume, beau, DJ- you’re willingness to collab, create a safe space for actors, hear an idea is EVERYTHING, This ride, is so much more meaningful, because it is with you. Happy opening weekend. 🍻
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