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I think the reason why Nathan and Elena's relationship might appeal to the neutrals more in the fourth game is that Elena doesn't put up with Nate's BS (such as his decision to hide the truth about his mission with Sam for so long). She walks away, and only comes back when her husband's life is in danger. She gives him a clear message that she won't become a submissive life partner for him just because she's a woman. Then she proves herself to be his equal on the battle ground when they partner up to save Sam. She's bad a s s in every sense of the word and more than a match for him.

But I personally loved their relationship ever since the beginning of the first game. Their banter was always HOT.

Originally Posted by Mori (View Post)
I'd love to see Kole in more stuff. Apparently he does a lot of police procedurals, but those aren't really my bag.
I'd heard he was in that detective show that Jennifer Lopez used to be in and played her love interest I think?

He was robbed of a nomination. His performance was up there with Emily's for me. Both outstanding. I loved Kole's sarcastic voice when Nate is trying to reason with Rafe about giving Sam a second chance.

An update on Hogwart's Legacy aka the Harry Potter game that is taking years to come out and we almost forgot about it --

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