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I didn't mean to watch this show, truth be told the title kinda turned me off.

But i saw it on a site when I was watching a different show so I decided to check it out. It was okay, a bit cheesey. It felt like a bad version of "To all the Boys" lol. So when I found out it was the same writer I totally laughed. Makes sense.

Lmo the show just is not as well acted and the plot is a bit blah/cliche imo but I'll give it a chance.

I did like the music they used!

Conrad is cute, he's got like a Harry Styles vibe to him. Definitely curious to learn more about his character and why he's so depressed/different right now. The actor is cute. Its pretty obvious they are setting him and Belly to be the otp of the show. I think they have decent chemistry but its a bit cliche.

Jeremiah is cute, his eyes, dang, but it def. feels like more of a friend chemistry with Belly imo.

I want to see more of her friend. Her brother is annoying. The moms are okay.... and Belly herself is a bit bland but shes fine for now.

Honestly, I loved Cameron the most! He was really sweet and cute and they seem very similar, so I'm wondering what his role is going to be.

Is the guy at the store gonna have a more prominent role or was he just there to get her to the party? lol. Why does she have so many potential love interests?
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