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Yeah it would have been much better had Landon been brough back, and also Caroline and Josie to return together.

Also, weird that Handon didnt even get a kiss and Landon didnt feel emotions. So weird.

where was Alaric going? I was confused with that. he said something about wanting to write a book about the students and creatures they encounter at the school but did he have to leave to school to do that
Right? where the hell was he going? Well pretend he just wanted a few weeks away or something idk.

As far as Jed human, i think they were just trying to stay consistent maybe? Since when Tyler died, he went back to being a human too.

Its hard to criticize too much because i dont know how much time they really had to make this finale work without knwig if they would be renewed.

but props for getting joseph and candice!
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