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Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (View Post)
I am sure Ephram would have eventually taken responsibility for this situation and think about Andy and his warning. But...I don't remember Ephram ever stating that fact and apologizing to Andy. All he said was that he forgave Andy a long time ago. Well...what about Andy forgiving Ephram?? Ephram put him through hell!!
So true about Andy forgiving Ephram or Delia forgiving her brother for bailing on her once again concerning a situation with Madison. Nope, he never apologized for anything. Just like make no mistake, I dislike Madison but throughout their entire relationship he never once acknowledged how much trouble she could legally be in. He never cared about this at all. If police wanted to arrest her, Ephram could have begged the authorities not to go there, it was mutual, and it wouldn’t have mattered. He didn’t care about this aspect or that Andy tried to prevent everything. If I'm Ephram those are the two things I think about the most. If I’m Ephram finding out about the pregnancy I’m terrified of what my parents think. In fact, after finding out they already knew I would wipe sweat off of my face thanking my lucky stars they tried protecting me, instead of being angry or ashamed of me. I find it bizarre Ephram never feels stupid or embarrassed. He never worried about Amy’s reaction either. How is that possible? He was 100% self-absorbed like he was wronged by everyone.
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