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I’m still frustrated that Andy did not ask Ephram why he didn’t listen to him from day 1. Andy should have played that card. He should have asked Ephram to listen to him for two seconds, even way across the room then proceeded to ask him if he remembers how the Madison story happened from the start and who was against it. Who begged him not to go there. Who could have and should have put his foot permanently down and demanded that he never go there with Madison. Then Andy should have asked him if he remembers his reaction. His immature reaction practically throwing a little boy temper tantrum. If he threw a little boy temper tantrum then why on earth would he believe he shouldn’t have had a natural instinct to protect that immaturity while finding out the worst possible situation resulted in the illegal relationship when Madison got pregnant. In what way throughout everything did Ephram give Andy even a shred of an idea that just because Ephram got Madison pregnant meant he was suddenly mature enough to handle a baby? What did Ephram do throughout that made Andy believe he shouldn’t try to protect his kid after finding out he created another kid? Then while Andy was on a role he could explain Harold witnessed his relationship with Amy at the beginning of the year and highly suggested to Andy that what they had together was real and pure and to please not shatter it by dropping the bomb about Madison. He wanted to protect Amy and Ephram and Amy.

Thus, Andy (and Harold) were only looking out for Ephram and Amy throughout and how on earth can he pull the psychopathic-like demeanor right now as a result?

I would bet Ephram would have seen some light after that discussion.
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