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Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (View Post)
It's absolutely mind boggling that Ephram would not be gushing out gratitude and apologies for the imposition he is putting on the family. Ephram can be very into Ephram and often believes he is entitled.
Indeed. In looking back on my thoughts, they were probably too harsh, especially since we know it all works out. But those thoughts reflect how I feel during this episode in the moment if that makes sense. I looked back on the live episode rewatch and so many were furious with Ephram, saying really bad things. I was trying to downplay it which is interesting. I was an Ephram apologist but I think lost it in the next episode. But now I am pissed like them on the other thread. MAKRO on the other thread really says it perfectly.

This infinity necklace has been front and center for quite awhile so that the viewers will not forget about it. I guess seeing it every episode will make the blow of Amy giving it back to Ephram in a future episode much more relevant.
Bingo. That is precisely why we are seeing it nonstop. Just like Rose and her symptoms progressing, which is foreshadowing, so is the Infinity necklace.

Poor Delia is like an after thought in this family. She is the wisest one of all and has to put up with all of the garbage.
Right? Bright is kind of the same at the Abbott's too even if he screws up and Delia does not. But there is a slight parallel. The two in Delia and Bright are sometimes after-thoughts in their own families yet they have so much to say.

OMG...he is ridiculous! And seriously...Andy has no right to blow up at Jake for knowing about Ephram and the baby. It's not Jake's fault that someone told him! Andy continues to have that bad habit of opening his mouth before his brain is engaged.
He had no right. Of course Nina was going to tell Jake, too. This is her steady boyfriend now. If they were going to be around Andy and the Brown's why wouldn't she tell Jake? What also irritates me is that Andy, just now, wants to start jealousy issues with Nina and Jake? Where was he when he was otherwise consumed by Amanda and that mess? He was jealous and even complained to Amanda about Nina and Jake but then just dropped it. Now that Amanda left he wants to focus on Nina and Jake and cause tension and drama, whether he realizes it or not.

Don't insult Hannah! lol

It's incredible that the fact that Ephram got another girl pregnant is not the issue at all. all he cares about are his feelings and the hell with Amy's feelings. Ephram really is a paradox. For someone who has often acted selfless with Amy he can also be so self centered with her. This is not an attractive trait. I feel sorry for him, but also want to slap him upside the head!
That is precisely how I feel too even if I sound more harsh.

I get that Harold as parent wants to protect Amy from hurt, but she is don't abandon someone because the going gets tough.
Precisely. Too bad it backfired but Amy, in theory, is 100% correct.

All Delia wanted was some quality time with her father...who is obsessed with his son! And...what right did Andy have to change the color of the room?!?

I noticed that! A little too close? lol
It was interesting how it slipped in there they went out to eat. Are they showing that Harold is a substitute father for Hannah? He was there during the gene testing so it does indicate continuity I guess.

It's unbelievable. Here is Bright being so darn wise again!! He can read people perfectly and his advice is so good. Bright would make a great psychologist.
He honestly would. He has the ability to care, but not overly care like it personally affects him as an empath... he's not an empath but has plenty of empathy for everyone around him and can find a way to logically see the light on everything. He definitely is a sage with great clarity. Imagine if Harold always treated him properly or he wasn't so tied up with Colin in the past how much more he would have spread his wings?

Right now things sound really good with Jake. Let Andy stew a little longer in his jealousy.
How have you always felt about Nina and Jake? I actually like them better this rewatch! They are not soulmates, she is meant to be with Andy, clearly, but I do like them. I am glad Nina dated someone after her horrible cheating ex-husband, and the court battle... she needed someone normal and decent to just spend time and have fun with. That is Jake. Right now, they are just fine. They get complicated later but for now, they are fine. Andy should really stay out of it. He never listened to Nina on Amanda when he should have, so why on earth is he trying to make things tense and stupid with Jake? Nina used Andy being upset over Ephram and no doubt he is upset over Ephram but there's also clear jealousy and not liking Nina and Jake going on as well.

I can't get over how unreasonable and cruel Ephram is here. He didn't even know when Amy found out! He didn't even give her a chance to explain. He just sinks into his own feelings and doesn't even consider anyone else's or their motivations.! The worst part is telling Amy that the baby is more important than she is.
I hate all of this! I never noticed it before but he looked like he wanted away from Amy the second he got up at the Abbott's on the couch. He cringed literally when she went near him. So finding out Amy knew two seconds before NYC was just an excuse to officially get away from her. Sadly, he wanted away from her well before this time. He even told her he was doing it on his own before finding out she knew.

Amy's feelings were not even a tiny consideration in Ephram's mind. And the fact that She went out of her way to get him another audition which he refused is horrible. You're an idiot, Ephram! Who are you punishing???
I DESPISE that he didn't go to the original audition but then Amy gets him a brand new one and it wasn't easy going there!

Yes. How the heck does he know?
Wasn't that weird?

Absolutely adorable! Girl drama is so entertaining.

Andy felt that chill very went right through to his bones.

We both think alike! Ephram flies out of state...doesn't tell his dad and has the money to buy a ticket?? I have a feeling he is using the emergency credit card that Andy gave him, so Andy will end up paying. I wonder who will be paying for Ephram's trip to Europe??
Right?!?!?! Julia from the Other Side/Heaven cannot give him money and he doesn't work, so it has to be Andy!

When Ephram feels hurt or betrayed he feels no shame. All he feels are his feelings and no one elses.

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