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Like I said, I try not to be judgy. I really, sincerly try. But when I only know one thing about a person I don't actually know at all, that one bit of meaningless information takes up all the room. Tom Ellis has done nothing wrong to me whatsoever. I don't wish him ill or think of him ill, really. But I don't know him either. So it's easier to just let it go, you know?

Fortunately, I believe he has enough happiness in his life that he doesn't need my friendship or compliments during one short meeting or whatever... to complete it.

And, you know, not loving the one thing I know about him never stopped me from watching or enjoying Lucifer.

There are other celebrities whose work I will never willingly watch because of my disgust for them. Of the top of my head, anything to do with Woody Allen, Tom Cruise, and I guess that woman who groomed her underaged husband we talked about a while back and whose name I've already forgotten.

When I say I don't love knowing that he cheated on his partner and that knowing that leads me to have a certain tendency to jump to certain conclusions hastily sometimes, it's a very mild sort of feeling. I jump to conclusions knowing that this is what I'm doing and completely ready and willing to revise my opinion.

It's just simpler with the Eddie Redmaynes and Jamie Dornans of the world whose uxuriousness goes unchallenged. So far as I know.
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