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Originally Posted by ...We Always Find Each Other (View Post)
Oh, OK! I didn't realize it was set to private. Maybe I can change it to public and that will help!
You probably won't see this for a bit since you're now away I think but have you got the images in one upload post or multiple? If it is just one if you go into that post there should be a 'grab link' option on the right side. If you get that link & post it then we should be able to access it. If it is multiple uploads that'd be a lot harder so may be easier to simply use the gallery & you (&/or Sarah) can point out any favs you may have that you'd like to see used if there are any

I also think you're linking to your profile wrong which is why it is coming up as error. For example if I linked to my profile like you did you'd get that same page. But if I link like this you should just get told I've got no posts because everything I upload is set as hidden. However if I do what I've suggested above I could link you to a post of images I've uploaded at the same time those images should show up despite being hidden.
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