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It was completely contrived. It was absolutely the writers way of getting Harold to tell Amy in order to put her in a difficult position and essentially set up Ephram raging and breaking up with her. It infuriates me while thinking about this. Yes, it was secondarily to show she had forgiven Ephram for the band lie. I just found it so contrived and unrealistic. There isn't a teenage girl who would like and be okay with Madison in this scenario, forgiveness or not. I could see if we're talking another 1-2 years down the road. But the time period is not that far away from the band lie, and Ephram and Madison were just dating in S2.

I despise that Amy had to take the fall here. Harold put her in a miserable position. Just thinking about Rina's words annoy me. She wanted to torture Amy and admitted as much in her dumb way. She was ready to go there in S5. Unacceptable. I bet she would have been jumping for joy with a grin on her face had the Ferris Wheel scene with Amy standing there alone taken place.
I wonder why Rina seemed to delight in seeing Amy suffer? Maybe Amy was the type of girl that Rina was jealous of (she admitted that she was like Hannah in High School) so this was her way of getting back at that type of girl. It's too bad that Berlanti left so much power in her hands.

Similarly, on The Vampire Diaries, Julie Plec lived out her bad-boy fantasies by breaking up Kevin Williamson's "soulmate" couple, Stefan and Elena, and putting Damon and Elena together once he walked away from that show, just like Paul Stupin did with putting Pacey and Joey together when he walked away from Dawson's Creek.
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