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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
I'm not really sure why she went to Fanbolt. I think that Fanbolt was sort of the place to go for spoilers back then, and since Fraz specialized in spoilers, I guess going there seemed to be the right move for her. I never posted there or registered there. I just checked and it still exists now, but it only has forums for currently running shows, and they're pretty much dead, as it doesn't look like anyone has posted on many of them for over a year.
Thanks! Yes, that is precisely why I went to Fanbolt back in the day... spoilers. I only went to one spoiler thread for Everwood which was on a separate board from the general Everwood board. I lurked a bit on the general Everwood board from time to time and couldn't believe seeing a pretty active Ephram and Madison thread even if the Ephram and Amy thread was more active. The spoilers board/EW thread was all anti-Madison posters minus one Ephram and Madison fan who actually hated how Madisongate exploded.
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