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On the 3.16 episode discussion (I am always looking ahead, lol) I posted this:

Credit Fraz at Fanbolt

Originally Posted by Fraz
I was told the lack of Ephram and Amy kissing is because this winter either Emily or Greg has been sick and they were passing it back and forth and never getting rid of whatever they had cold or influenza etc. So the swapping of spit or kissing down to hugging was to help to curb the sickness.

Two things pop into mind

A. Go get antibiotics and throat losengers
B. Spray Lysol alot of Lysol

Because we need some kissing and loving
Here is the exact post:

You know who she is, right, Jerry?

It was Fraz who reported why there was lack of Ephram and Amy intimacy and it was due to the health of the actors. I have been mentioning this throughout the years but forgot the source. It was Fraz.
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