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Originally Posted by jediwands (View Post)
I just realized how screwed over as Ephram and Amy fans we were due to the timing of Madisongate being revealed to Amy... Ephram wanted Amy to go with him to NYC since he viewed them as a unit. She was there for him every step of the way and he wanted her there with him. But since Amy knew about the pregnancy she didn't feel comfotable going and not being able to tell him, she just wanted him to get through the audition first.

This was such a horrible situation for us Ephram and Amy fans. We could have seen Ephram and Amy return to NYC together a second time (beautiful continuity) and happy together sharing this moment. Instead, Amy could not go because she knew about the baby thanks to Harold. In addition, IF Amy would have gone there's no way Madison would have ever told Ephram about the baby with Amy there either.

Harold really messed all of this up for us as fans of Ephram and Amy.
All that is so true. Well said.
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