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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)
I watched this last week actually because it was the last ep on my dvd so I just finished it lol.
Glad I put it up early.

TV couples definitely need more of these moments!
Exactly right.

I did read your post Michelle, I am just too exhausted to reply right now, but i agree with a lot of what you said, and I will post my initial thought I wrote last week:

UGH Amy knows about Madison. I get why Harold felt the need to tell her but really it wasn’t his place. He decided to keep this secret for Andy and IMO Ephram deserved to know about it first. But I am glad thatt Amy knows Ephram doesn’t know about it so its not like its a secret he kept from her. I also found it OOC for Amy to want to invite Madison in the first place.
Completely agree. Harold telling Amy when he did was awful. If he was going there, it should have been immediately or making Andy tell Ephram first because he wanted Amy to know. It really wasn't his place, you are right. He did promise to keep this secret for Andy and yes, 10000000%, Ephram deserved to know first. Which is why Harold should have gotten the idea to tell Amy during their conversation (it did make sense given Amy’s words) but waited until he had a chance to talk to Andy about telling Ephram right away while voicing his desire for Amy to know. Ephram needed to know first and he kept a promise so he should have consulted with Andy first. Yes, excellent point... at least Amy didn't find out Ephram knew and wasn't telling her. They would have definitely broken up given this scenario. Completely out of character for Amy to want to invite Madison. She is an ex, an adult, and it's not like Ephram and Madison were even friends before they illegally dated. There was no friendship they could go back to, and they had the most unhealthy, drama-filled, miserable relationship too. It was so annoying Amy would even think to invite Madison, especially after the band lie. I hated how contrived it was as Amy had to go out of character in order to further the Madisongate plot.

It was cute that Hannah decided to get the test and wanted Harold to go with her. I just wish we had seen more Harold/Hannah scenes before this one episode to make it a bit more impactful. Also, Bright is so sweet with Hannah, even though I dont like them that much I do think they were being written very well.’
Yes, indeed. I feel the same way. Yes, it would have worked a lot better if Harold and Hannah had more scenes together before this all got started. I also found it kind of weird that Rose wasn't involved much at all. But even with Harold alone it would have been nice if it was built up a bit more.

Bright’s storyline imo was pretty intense. I am a bit on the fence about it. On the one hand, I dont think there is anything wrong with someone wanting to “have fun” and mess around as long as they are clear to their partners. But it seems that maybe Bright has led quite a few women on. I do think this woman at his work was just as to blame though for their indiscretions. She sent emails too? And it does seem that she was just mad he didnt like her and was trying to retaliate. HOWEVER, i understand why Rose was so hurt by it all. The way Bright was excusing his behavior and calling her a bitch and dismissing his actions was gross. I dont think Rose should have slapped him but I do like her standing up to him and telling him to do better. Firing him imo felt a bit extreme but I Get why. I was glad Bright ended up apologizing to the girl but it felt a bit blasé and not that sincere.
I am conflicted as well for the reasons you listed. Everyone kind of had a right to feel the way that they did. I liked that Rose admitted she was taken in way too much in the past and present by Bright’s charm. Teenagers are intuitive when it comes to parents. Bright could pick up on Rose being soft in this way and he played off of this in many instances throughout the series.

Andy and Amanda, omg what a freaking mess! She wanted a divorce and failed to tell Andy this the entire time they were dating??? Then decides to get one… but then, John wakes up, which is amazing, but it doesn't change what happened in their relationship before his accident!? And if this thing with Andy was as special and serious as they made it out to be then why the hell would she just give that up and not fight for it? It kinda proves it really was just a fling for her. It just kinda felt like she was doing it for her son, and not really for her, which I dont like. But, I dont want them together anyways, so I'm not all that sad. The break up scene was just so quick and random though after all they went through.
Absolutely. 100%. An absolute MESS!

What I am wondering is now that Charlie knows something happened between his mother and Andy in the past will he tell his dad? Kids are not good at keeping secrets. Imagine that off screen moment.

Hey, I was wondering... I am sure this episode was still filmed in Utah because I don't remember them ever filming in Oregon but notice where they said John was… Oregon... Andy and Amanda walked in and my God seeing those mountains in the background! It was so majestically stunning, I could hardly follow the scene because I was looking at those beautiful mountains in the background!

Is this what parts of Oregon looks like? That scene with those mountains just staring at you waving their beauty? My GOD.

Top 5:
1. Rose
2. Amy
3. Harold despite telling Amy too early.
4. Hannah
5. Andy
Also, I looked back on my old thoughts and they were EXACLY the same… WEIRD.
You are consistent!

I love your ranking!

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