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I like this episode enough, but after so many rewatches I don't enjoy it as I did at first. I just don't think the s7 writers capture that SH feel that ASP did. So I get what they were trying to do with the hay bale maze event, but it just doesn't compare to previous seasons with events in the town.

Logan's speech annoys me now because he obviously was talking BS, considering where he's at in AYITL. It also took him that long into their relationship to even visit Rory's hometown? Hmm, not good imo.

I did LOVE the apology conversation between Luke and Lorelai. It was brief, but it was SO needed. Now this is where I credit the s7 writers because I don't think ASP would have had them apologise to each other at all. I also liked the moment at the town meeting with April. It was sweet when Lorelai hugged her.
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