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I used to watch Bondi Vet when I was living in digs at uni, the area picked up more channels than at home. I think that was the earlier seasons. I forget his name but the main vet was pretty easy on the eyes not gonna lie. Yeah, I've watched a bit of Paul O'Grady's For the Love of Dogs too, I think there was a series done not too long ago of that.

Sorry I confused you! You can totally get why I mixed them up though

That's a shame you weren't able to watch the rest of Lucifer when it moved to Netflix, seasons 4-6 were awesome. It was insane when Fox cancelled it at the end of S3, especially when it ended on a cliffhanger, but all the fans rallied on social media to save the show, and thankfully, Netflix picked it up. Completely understand not streaming, it can be expensive and only worth it if there's a lot of content on it that you want to watch. Have you considered buying the DVDs to watch the rest of the show?

Tom Ellis is an amazing actor, I loved his portrayal of Lucifer. And yes, he is very nice, and I love how much fun he is on the panels at comic con. He's had a tradition at each con where he would wear a half a dozen or so t-shirts, mostly Lucifer themed, and hand them out to random people in the audience, and sign them as well (I saw this on youtube). I wondered whether he would do the same at the London one and he did. Aimee Garcia signed them too. It was great fun! I didn't get a t-shirt though, sadly.
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