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Another Season 1-like episode in both quality and energy.


Amanda, the wicked witch has learned Harry Potter Wizardry, grabbing a wand, broom, and flown away. Time to celebrate. That said, the ending of this debacle did nothing to redeem either character. It is obvious both Andy and Amanda would have been happy to continue this sick relationship indefinitely. It didn't end because one of them woke up and accepted the moral implications of what they were doing; it ended out of guilt, plain and simple. Amanda knew that Charlie's acceptance of her affair would vanish the moment he saw his father. So, she realized what she had to do. Andy, you're still an idiot, and you have no idea what nightmare is coming your way.


What a pleasure it was to see these two be in love in such a heartfelt way with their emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy swirling around beautifully. Their hugs and light touches were crammed with emotion and, their blazing emotional chemistry all mixed in. Light kisses, hugs, banter, intense love declarations, it was all there. And at the very end we were cheated out of what was obviously going to be a very tender embrace as the camera slid off them. But it was beautiful the way it was displayed: Soulmates in love, and I believe the extra punch was in there to remind the audience of their eternal love, as an optimistic nod was given to the audience that they will survive Babygate eventually, and even if rough times are ahead, they will always come back to each other.


I still can’t get over how much she has been through. Colin passing, falling in love with Ephram, severe situational depression, and she has become so mature and endearing. The way she handled the bombshell… the old Amy would have freaked out. Amy took the news with no self-pity; it wasn't all about her; her tears were for herself and Ephram and their future, not just herself; there was justifiable angst, but not anger; no screaming at her Dad for not telling her earlier. Her struggles to maintain a happy face for Ephram were mesmerizing, and as genuine a gesture of love as you could ever want to see. And, while carrying inside this dreadful news, she was still there for Hannah, too. Mature Amy. I loved her when she was rough around the edges and a typical teen girl. I love her even more now. She had every right even mildly to make this about her but she didn’t go there. I find it incredible. As we understand, she still never makes it about her and how she’s feeling knowing the love of her life has a child out there with an adult babysitter. Amy is amazing and the love she has for Ephram can be demonstrated in this episode to perfection. Selfless love regarding the pregnancy and selfless love making sure Ephram gets through the audition because she’s only thinking of him.

Emily? Award winning. Emily acted the hell out of these scenes. Watching the emotions flash across Amy's face as her father told her the news; watching her struggles to maintain the happy facade for Ephram; she was just a pleasure to watch. The best younger actress I have ever seen and I stand by that revelation decades later.


They really showed how torn Harold had been about keeping his knowledge from Amy for so long. Now, if he can get by telling Rose. I only wish Harold would show some of these traits in his treatment of Bright. Now a strong case can be made Harold had no business telling Amy when he did. In fact, while it's clear the conversation and what Amy was saying about Hannah made him receive an internal flash of intuition encouraging him to go there, the timing of telling Amy can be hotly debated. Again, it is understandable why Harold felt the need to go there given his daughter's words, but at the same time, Amy was put in such an uncomfortable position given the timing and what she was expected or not expected to do with this information. A case can be made regardless of if Amy knew or not, Ephram still would have pulled away from her temporarily. That is very possible. But how it played out we see Amy's selfless love just wanting Ephram to get through the audition and she would carry the burden of shock and pain on her own until then. This is ultimately what caused Ephram to ridiculously lash out at Amy, however, and allow a temporary break up.

As a result, I am quite conflicted over this situation. I understand why Harold felt compelled to tell her when he did, but the timing couldn't have been more torturous for Amy personally and Ephram and Amy, in general.


She was great in this one even if she wasn't on the screen very much. First, with her warning whistle, then by slam-hugging her brother, and finally by taking advantage of her opportunity to lay a big hug on Bright. Loved it! Andy, remember your lovely daughter? You should have been spending time with her instead of the witch that got on her broomstick and finally flew away.

Bright and Rose/Bright

I did feel bad for Bright, and maybe the slap was a bit too much, but that was a wake-up call he might have needed. However, I loved that Rose accepted responsibility for falling for his charm and personality all of these years and not teaching him the proper way to treat women and everything else for that matter. I loved that she took responsibility for this. Yes, it was a joint failure by both Rose and Harold but Rose took accountability for being soft with him and Bright has demonstrated plenty of times even playing his mother as a result since he understands this reality.

It might be due to what is happening to women at the filthy hands of the Republican Party in the present, but I strongly didn't appreciate Bright indirectly calling Jillian a bitch. He said "bitch mood" but don't be using that word at all, Bright. And think before you casually have sex, please. Maybe caring about the woman after you get her into bed would be the easiest, best solution. Rose and Harold should have been there for him in the past, that is a definite. But at the same time, it probably should be common sense you don't treat women in this manner. It is also the pattern with Bright. He obviously didn't learn from his previous job in a closest half naked with a girl/woman. Yes, the general rule is you do not date or sleep with your coworkers. Not everyone follows this but most do it in a mature way. Half naked in a closet with one and then sending flirty messages to the other during office hours (as his boss pointed out) and then treating her like a casual fling after sex with her is simply not good thinking, Bright. Rose was correct firing him. This was not a "learning process" for Bright as he continued to work. His parents were involved and their names were on the line in a small town. Unacceptable. He told Ephram he really liked the job and was good at the job. Well, you didn't fully care about your job, Bright, or else it would have come first and you would have been more careful.

All that said, the sexual harassment allegations were a bit over the top as she was clearly upset over how he treated her after they had sex. He was too cavalier with the feelings of the person he was with. But on the other hand it was a dose of cold water he probably did need sprinkled on his head. His apology to her wasn't the best one he could have produced either. It was average but as he was walking away I am not really sure I love his grin. I don't understand why he looked so happy, almost like he got away with something. If that apology was sincere he would have had more of a Hannah response after she received the news about her blood test... content but still taking things very seriously. Bright didn't go there at all. We understand what he does to Hannah later on as well so this is why I cannot fully say he understands the consequences of his actions.


His hug briefly brought Hannah out of her "results-shock" which was so awesome. I loved Bright's response to the news and also appreciate how Hannah played the results. She wasn't jumping around in celebration initially. It was a big deal and she even mentioned there's survivors guilt too. She knows it could have gone the other way so she understands how serious all of this is. She also has to be concerned about the rest of her family and what their status might be. I thought it was wonderful she asked Bright if she could be alone to take it all in as Bright was celebrating with a nice little yell while walking away. Beautiful moment.


Sarah gave another brilliant performance. I was glad they made taking the test a big, involved procedure, taking into account the full range of emotional burdens, whatever the results. That seemed very realistic. As were Hannah's struggles with the decision. Hannah did need Harold as a father figure. And he came through for her. And her thanking him for butting in was very Hannah-like. The fact that she was rocked so profoundly at the result also seemed spot-on.

Isn't it interesting how front porches figure in Hannah's ability to see a future? It looked like that was happening again in this episode. This is another demonstration of the magic of Everwood.


I love their friendship so much. Amy telling Hannah she would put her first even over seeing Ephram immediately at the surprise party was beautiful. This is the most beautiful friendship of the series. It took me this rewatch to truly see it.

Last Thoughts

1. Irv hasn't been around in such a long time. Thanks, Amanda.
2. Loved the whole idea of Edna's motorcycle club.
3. I appreciate that Ephram and Amy received a lot of attention in this one because I’m convinced it was to tell the audience not to worry, they are making it to the finish line.
4. Tom Amandes not only had time to effortlessly show his acting talent, but he also brilliantly directed this episode.
5. Merrilyn Gann hardly has the opportunity as Rose to do a scene like the passionate one between Rose and Bright and she was phenomenal. What an actress.
6. I thought it was incredibly contrived that Amy wanted Madison invited to Ephram's party. Let's be clear... they are your ex for a reason. Amy is not required to be fine with an adult woman who was with Ephram (and ended up getting pregnant which is all kinds of breaking the law). Especially due to the Madison band lie, it was especially ridiculous we had to see Amy acting like it was her job to be okay with Ephram and Madison being friends. No. Never.
7. I also thought it was a bit too much poking fun at Ephram not having many friends. He is just fine in the friend and family department. Will couldn't attend, Jake, Nina and Sam were out of town, Irv has vanished, Edna had her bike, Wendell could have been invited if he wasn't dismissed by the writers. Ephram is best friends with Bright, good friends with Hannah, Amy is the love of his life, and they were all there for him, not to mention all of his family. He wasn't a loner, it was bizarre how they were commenting on this. Amy and Bright pretty much despise all of their "popular" friends now and only hang with Ephram and Hannah.
8. Emily rocked the single tear effect. Anyone notice how she timed that tear just perfectly? And when Amy was just staring at Ephram after his party? Just staring. Amy, with the secret, the tear, and the love? Beyond powerful stuff.
9. Ephram and Amy were very touchy with the hand holding, hugs, kisses on the cheek/head, Ephram leaning in very closely, in almost a seductive way… Ephram grabbing hold of her and his touching of her shirt to straighten it out, etc. Ephram pointedly telling how how much he loved her. Their looks were so flirty and full of love, just how Ephram said things to Amy was so romantically passionate. And Amy struggling with the, "I know you do." I loved it. These two are soulmates. They always find a way as we know.

A really good, high quality episode even if it's devastating given Amy finding out about the pregnancy and what is right around the corner for all of our favorite characters.

ETA: I reread the episode discussion when the show was live and just saw how some people thought Harold was justified to tell Amy when he did. But I remember mentioning how he should have told her earlier even and it was a timing thing. Like Madison could have waited to tell Ephram after his audition, Harold could have waited to tell Amy until the right time so she wasn't put in a terrible position.

I said this:

Originally Posted by M, right after episode aired February 14, 2005
Oh, I think Harold should have told Amy the minute he found out at the beginning of S3. Absolutely. I'm talking about the timing now. He has waited forever. He even let her sleep with Ephram knowing full well that the Madison pregnancy was looming in the background. Again, I'm talking about the timing. He delayed this long. What would it have taken to have gone to Andy immediately upon his discussion with Amy, say, the very next day, and DEMANDED that Andy tell Ephram because he was CERTAINLY telling Amy that very day and then E/A could have found out at the same time from their fathers, and Amy wouldn't now be in a position where she has to struggle with the knowledge on her own and make decisions on when/if to tell Ephram. All I'm saying is Harold could have delayed it until the very next morning and gone to Andy to tell him he was telling Amy. Of course the talk that Harold had to Andy at the party more than confirmed that he was going to tell Andy that he told Amy. I was just thinking that the two talks could have happened together.

I'm certainly overjoyed that Harold decided to do the right thing. I just wish that Amy didn't have to find out before Ephram as I think it only puts one more strike against them as Ephram could very well feel betrayed that Amy found out before him and didn't tell him even though Amy did this out of love. She kept the pain to herself and decided not to tell him at this moment for fear of ruining his audition. So she decided to suck it up and unselfishly decides to keep this knowledge, at least for a short while, to herself. I just hope that Ephram understands Amy's reasoning and how unselfish her love for him really is. And like I said, Harold waited how long to tell her? What was about 12 more hours until the morning whenever he could have talked with Andy? Oh well, either way, I'm glad that Harold finally told Amy what he should have told her right away. Then again, Harold should have never been in this predicament in the first place had Andy done the right thing and told Ephram straight up whenever Madison first found out she was pregnant.

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