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I know the flashbacks are supposed to make me feel more sympathetic to Amanda. It didn't. I looked at an old review of mine and apparently I felt more sympathetic. Not this time around. I find this whole storyline so vile, so all the flashbacks did was make me hate Amanda more. She came off as dark in most of the scenarios, and I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her for staying with her husband out of guilt. Nope. I did not. John seemed cold when he told her in the end she could leave but not with Charlie. Admittedly, it was a weird scene, especially since, news flash, you don’t have the power in this situation, John. Interesting I can say this given what is currently going on with the SCOTUS. It is true and that has never changed... Amanda would hold the power as a mother as far as where Charlie lived no matter what John requested (or according to this scene, demanded). Even with this odd scene that made John look a tad controlling, I think mostly he was just confused and didn’t understand why Amanda was so unhappy so he tried to play that card. Overall, she still came across as looking pretty terrible.
I really was not sympathetic to Amanda in this situation even though John was a little controlling. I just don't care for Amanda and don't want to cut her any slack! lol The fact that she actually considered leaving the house and Charlie was a nail in her coffin.
Also...why did we have to endure so much Amanda/Andy in this episode. Such a huge waste of material!


We know what happens later but Bright and Hannah were by far the highlight of the episode for me. Sarah Drew did an excellent job portraying Hannah's reaction when Topher asked her out. She was both excited and completely terrified at the same time. This show is all about the little things... I love how she jumped up and wrapped herself in the blanket when Bright came in her room, even though she was completely covered. Bright, at this point (since we understand what happens later with them) is so much more complex and right now (two episodes in a row) appears wiser than anyone else. His speech about living every day like it was a gift was beautiful, and telling her that someday she'd find someone who saw all the things that he did, but would actually deserve her was precious. When I watch them in this episode, I love their potential. As Hannah was telling Bright that she was scared to love someone because of the possibility of her having the disease, I completely lost it. Damn, Sarah Drew and her perfect acting. Bright is essentially the one who has given Hannah the strength to take the test. Bright and Bright, alone! The camera really highlighted Bright grabbing Hannah's hand as they went outside. You can just sense the hints and foreshadowing of a future romance between these two. As I watch their scenes in this episode, I have to say, I am a little disappointed in what Bright does later on even if there are several reasons why they are not compatible romantically. Still, you want to cheer for these two in this episode, and I actually went there.
So much wonderful understanding and development for these two this episode. I loved seeing how caring Bright was and how much her appreciated what a fine young woman Hannah is to the point of not believing that he deserved her. I just loved their hug at the end of the scene....just beautiful.


I love Delia, but was shocked when she made the comment to Charlie about his father barely being awake. That was bad, Delia, even if you told Andy you screwed up and didn't mean to say it that way and only wanted Charlie to be less upset over their horrible parents being disgusting. I felt really sorry for Charlie during that moment.
Delia is just a kid, but that was pretty thoughtless for such a sensitive/kind young lady that is Delia. I was shocked as well when she made that comment.


I love how these two were just kicking back, relaxing and listening to tunes. When is the last time we've seen Bright/Ephram like this? It is so refreshing seeing these two back in friends mode. It was comical seeing Amy barging in pissed and Ephram said that one of them was in trouble!
It does show that opposites can get along. As Ephram would say, "It's pretty sweet."


I love this friendship. Sure, Amy can be slightly persistent when she wants something for Hannah but it comes from such a beautiful place. Hannah cared about Amy so much she did not tell her it wasn't Bright that was holding her back from dating Topher, it was the fear of not being around later on and hurting anyone in her path. I completely love the Amy and Hannah friendship.
It's amazing how the attitude toward this friendship has changed so much during this rewatch. I honestly think that Hannah is a better/truer friend to Amy than Laynie was.

2. The best line was from Hannah to Bright: Are we being beamed somewhere?
That was hilarious!! Hannah is really funny. lol

4. The bird in the house and Hannah and Sam freaking out was a bit ridiculous but it ignited the Nina and Jake storyline which was needed.
I still don't get why Nina refused Jake's help with that bird! I don't think I would want to handle that on my own!
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