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Am a moderator and can speak cause both mine are male celebrities So free feel to look at the Index's found in Board Guide for ideas mainly roles/games and appreciation think both of the Index's are small and sweet related to appreciation pop over to Sebastian Stan for an example of everything getting an appreciation thread

Jess and I have been together since board opened minus approx this time 2021 to end of August 2021 due to the steroid was taking so glad have a cancer doctor/nurse that listen and respect my discussion of no steroid when they were stopping the "small seizures" aka symptoms but not the actually side-effects so thanks to chemo doctor adding something to my bedtime meds to go along with my only at the time cancer medication so now since Nov 11th have been fully cleared from seizures

There was a few days ago my landlady asked if I was alright was stoned and learnt that some people's eyes go weird and that is a "seizure" had no idea until her dad was over for lunch which was a nice surprise - so than asked her if that was why she asked if i was ok after she explained about the eye side effect that happens to people

Basically less is more where we combined as many topics together into threads instead of having appreciation threads for every body part

but believe Donna be the best for mod-related for TH where think she was actually 1 of them where don't remember if it was both Holland or just Pratt cause I remember when she was moderator there
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