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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
I don’t think that Rose was as conservative as Harold and she was a person who could listen to reason, but she was a mayor in a conservative town for a long time, so I feel that she would have a fairly conservative point of view due to that. To be sure, she could temper some of the more extreme opinions of the idiots, um, I mean the people in Everwood, but she wouldn’t have lasted as a mayor as long as she did if she held views that greatly differed from most of the people of Everwood.
I love your thoughts. You summed things up perfectly. I think that’s the right answer. We saw how liberal Amy was and I’d imagine Bright was the same too. You would think they would have gotten that influence from somewhere. They see their conservative father but know their mother is less conservative even if she’s not in the category as super liberal. They also witnessed how rigid the town was. So they certainly went against the norm of the town… thankfully.

But yes, think of what the Townies did to Linda when her HIV status was revealed. They ran her out of town. They would have found a way to get Rose out of there unless she aligned slightly with them on certain issues.
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