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Originally Posted by jediwands (View Post)
It was so strange. She basically inferred that they should behave like they were in their early 20s again, carefree and without strings. John points out that they have a child now and things are different (rightfully so). Then Amanda comes back with why can't we bring Charlie around the world together too? BS. You didn't even think of Charlie during the first part of your argument. She was making things up along the way, literally getting off on the drama and tension, going all passive aggressive. It was weird. She is such a horrible character.
That really was B.S. and Amanda just came off as petty and selfish in this episode, and if this episode was supposed to garner sympathy for her character, the writers failed miserably. It was also pointless to devote so much time to her backstory in this episode when she would be gone for good after the next episode.

Originally Posted by jediwands (View Post)
Such a great point that it is just part of Amy's charm. Absolutely.
Amy had a good heart that would soon be broken into pieces. I'm dreading the next few episodes.
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