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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)

or trying to ban condoms and plan b like wtf??? So they think that only married people should have sex... so single people are supposed to be celibate for the rest of eternity??? And what about married people and the husband cheats and gets an std like.... Im just.. I'm just baffled by this ridiculous logic! Are we going to try to outlaw alcohol too? Cigarettes? Cursing? Being gay??? Like, what is this ****??? Seriously. Its all just a way to control women. Its absolutely disgusting.
It's going to keep right on going.

What I find interesting is the Republican Party claims they are freedom loving. Really? Really?!?! You are trying to imprison Americans! They are not the party of Freedom. They are the Party of hatred, racism, homophobia, anti-women, and the list goes on. They want to restrict and control, period. They basically want a cult-like environment.

America has a fricking problem. Its seriously, the worst. Well at least, republican americans.
100%. I look at Canada and envy how peaceful and respected their people are there.

God I hope so. GET THEM OUT.
Absolutely. It better happen, or we are in even bigger trouble. We keep most States Blue and if that sick abortion law is reversed it will still be okay because each state will decide what to do. So the more Republican Senators and House Reps get in, the worse it will be should SCOTUS do the unthinkable (and so much more). The way to fight this is Democrats and the fence sitting Moderates who are enraged fighting back!
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