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I watched a video just this morning of men showing up at pro-choice protests chanting that a women's body is theirs, they own it, SCOTUS spoke. The extremists like these men are only going to get more disgusting and vile.

or trying to ban condoms and plan b like wtf??? So they think that only married people should have sex... so single people are supposed to be celibate for the rest of eternity??? And what about married people and the husband cheats and gets an std like.... Im just.. I'm just baffled by this ridiculous logic! Are we going to try to outlaw alcohol too? Cigarettes? Cursing? Being gay??? Like, what is this ****??? Seriously. Its all just a way to control women. Its absolutely disgusting.

America has a fricking problem. Its seriously, the worst. Well at least, republican americans.

It is coming but the people still have the power to stop all of this by voting the right way during Midterm elections. That is my hope. This enrages people so much the Republicans get burned and do not gain control.
God I hope so. GET THEM OUT.
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