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Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (View Post)
She definitely died. She was the victim of a traffic accident.
Got it, thanks for confirming.

That really sucks. I loved Nic and Conrad.

Emily just really wanted it in stone she was not regularly returning I guess.

I wish they would have had Nic take a job out of the country then return eventually. Maybe. Kind of set it up like Linda on Everwood taking a job around the world and it being difficult to contact and visit regularly.

When shows cement a death they cannot go back. What I mean is they could have had Nic take a job in Africa for example where she couldn’t easily return, maybe she was going into a jungle and wouldn’t be able to surface for a long period of time. That way you could give Emily more time which is obviously what she wanted… time with her baby. Maybe after one season she would be interested in returning or at least guest spots or the series finale. If she still didn’t want to return then offscreen the audience could find out Nic passed away. There were other options to leave the door open.

Oh well, it was meant to be.

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