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I watched this episode today! It was a great episode.

I really enjoyed the storyline for Harold and Edna. It was fun watching those two work together again, and I liked the ending scene with the alcohol. Its about time that those two work on their relationship and I feel like this show has constantly kind of ignored it.

I was so happy to finally get a Nina and Andy scene but I am very frustrated with the lack of development for these two. And its constantly like this. It feels like we just keep getting scenes of Nina telling Andy what a crappy friend he is... I wish they were written better, like they were in early season 1. Nina had a point about Amanda, howeer, the road goes both ways and she never told Andy about Jake either.

I did like seeing Any a bit jealous of Nina, and how obvious it was in that scene with Amanda. But I was very confused at how Jake/Nina and Andy/Amanda ended up moving forward after this episode????

Jake finds out that Nina's crush was AND IS Andy and yet, he doesnt seem to mind that much? They should have broken up right there. Same for Andy and Amanda. After his talk with Nina (where she was spitting facts) I thought and hoped he would have ended things with Amanda, like wtf? She even says in the scene that Andy was right and that being home reminded her that she was still married. So wtf are they doing??? And yet we still have zero conversation about her getting a divorce? Uh maybe thats the first step. Amanda did make points about not caring what the dumb town thinks, but in this case, andy had a right for feeling guilty.

Ephram and Amy were cute in this episode, enjoyed the first scenes and the ending one though I wouldnt have minded some more cute/shippy moments rather than slight fighting/awkwardness. I also enjoyed all the scenes with Bright in this episode. For once he was a good character that had intelligent things to say and good advice. I like that he stayed with teh group and also how nice he was being to Hannah, those scenes were sweet.

Hannah's crush is still pathetic to me though, like damn, how much can you throw yourself at someone with them being not interested?? (i say this even though i did the exact damn thing in highschool lmao) It was good of Hannah to open up to everyone about her dad though.

The snow was so prettyyyyyy. It made the episode feel so homey and very winter like. Im ready for summer but still, that was nice.

Top 5:
1. Bright (who knew)
2. Harold
3. Edna
4. Hannah
5. Nina

For once E/A dont make my top 5. I didnt dislike them by any means I just dont think they were stand outs compared to the other characters.
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