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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
I feel a little better, as I no longer have a fever and I don't feel as run down, but I'm coughing a lot. Teresa feels about the same, but she's coughing even more than me. She never had a fever but her coughing was worse than my coughing.

All the pressure gets to me sometimes, but I just do the best I can. Thanks for the encouraging words!
Has the clinic gotten back to you guys? Jerry, are your coughs overall coming from upper respiratory like sinuses draining or lower like bronchial tubes/lungs? Do you feel drainage? Chest tight? I know simple colds can either turn into a sinus infection or a lingering cough because the postnasal drainage produces a tickle. It can cause a nagging annoying cough for a good month after the infection is over. However, if it’s coming from your chest that is different. I like that you don’t have a temperature anymore and Teresa never did. With something bad like pneumonia you would have a temperature that lingers almost certainly.

You are welcome. Your boss is a tool but deep down he understands how valuable you are.
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