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Officer Kevin Atwater | LaRoyce Hawkins #10 "This job is hard. Especially when you're trying to do right."

The s u p p o r t e r s ;
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T i t l e s
"The criminals don't wear masks. They don't act all crazy. Some of them are smart, and they're charming."
"There's not an easy answer to this problem. But us being here is a part of the solution."
"You don’t gotta be Black to know wrong from right."
"I will make it my job to come after you and I will destroy you."
"I'm constantly looking over my shoulder. I'm mad every hour, every minute, every second."
"I'm mad at every white cop that feels like they can make a deal for me."
"I'm mad at... every cop that's done this job the wrong way, which means I'm mad at myself."
"Just because people are marching in the streets, doesn't mean the world has changed. Cops are still blue, I'm still Black."
"I stand by my original statement."
"What is real and what is illusion?"- Criss Angel
"Book 'em, Danno."- Steve McGarrett

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