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Favorite Exchanges

HANNAH: I-I'm sorry, what was your name?

JILLIAN: Jillian.

HANNAH: Jillian, okay. That's a good name.

JILLIAN: Thanks.

HANNAH: Better than Barbie. I thought your name might be Barbie.

JILLIAN: No. Jillian.

HANNAH: That's good.
Fade in - Amy is walking out of the house. Ephram is waiting in his car. The time is 8:03am. Amy tries to open the passenger door and Ephram pulls away not letting her open it. She tries again and he pulls away again.]

AMY: Very mature, Ephram.

[Amy opens the car door this time and gets inside. The music is blaring inside the car.]

AMY: So did you send your stuff yet?


AMY: I said did you send your audition tape yet?

[Ephram turns the music down.]

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah, I made it to the pick up booth right as the guy was pulling away. I gave him a burrito as a tip. Bean and cheese.

[Amy just smiles at him.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Do you realize that I'm taking ceramics right now? That's what it's come down to. My academic experience consists of rubbing wet clay in an apron with girls in clogs.

AMY: It's called a smock and your point is?

EPHRAM: That's Virginia Avenue. There are two things I can do here. I can turn right, we can head into the world of Peak County High, a world of conformity and expectation. A world where Dr. Billawalla's class offers fascinating insight in the world of physics or I can turn left.

AMY: What's left?

EPHRAM: Left is freedom and opportunity. Left is a chance for you and me to spend the next how many hours doing whatever we want, however we want, wherever we want.

AMY: Are you saying we should ditch?

[Ephram's eyes are saying to Amy, "You tell me."]

AMY: (CONT'D) Interesting. Will there be pancakes involved?

EPHRAM: The bigger the better. Tick tock, Abbott. Light's gonna change any second.

AMY: I say we go for it.

[The car behind them honks.]

EPHRAM: That a girl.

[Ephram speeds off turning left down the street.]
Cut to diner - Ephram is sitting in a booth and Amy walks up to him and throws him a cap. The time is 8:50am.]

AMY: Gotcha something.

EPHRAM: (reading the cap) "To all you virgins, thanks for nothing."

AMY: Ummhmm. Pretty good, right? I love this place.

EPHRAM: Yeah, it's great. Maybe I can get some bacon to go with my sausage. Wonder if there's any part of the pig they don't serve here.

AMY: Well, it's not like we can go to MJ'S. We're outlaws, baby, on the run. You want to be Butch or Sundance?

EPHRAM: Did you just call me baby?

AMY: Yeah, that doesn't really work for us, does it?

[Ephram shakes his head.]

AMY: (CONT'D) What else? What'd you find?

EPHRAM: Uh... (looking through the Everwood Pinecone) Pickings are pretty slim. We've got a blood drive. Oh, yard sale.

AMY: Well, we could.... No too boring. Or-or... No that's illegal.

EPHRAM: See, it's not that easy, is it?

AMY: Maybe we need backup.
Cut to Peak County High - Hannah enters the girl bathroom. Amy pulls Hannah into a stall. The time is 9:49am.]


AMY: Sshhh. Sshhh.

HANNAH: I'm uncomfortable.

AMY: Okay, remember how you told me, you never get to have any fun.


AMY: That your life is just a boring series of boring events punctuated by an occasional burst of Katie drama or a fight in gym class. Well, that is all about to change, Hannah. I'm kidnapping you.

HANNAH: You're what?

AMY: Yeah. We're gonna go paint the town, blow off a little steam.

HANNAH: But-But I have-have a quiz in American History.

AMY: So you can make it up.

HANNAH: No, Mr. Grinali doesn't do makeups and the quizzes are like 50% of the grade so I'm not just gonna...

[Amy opens the bathroom stall door and pulls Hannah out with her.]

AMY: Come on let's get your stuff.

HANNAH: Amy? I never got to pee.
Cut to Ephram's car - Ephram, Amy, and Hannah are riding down Main Street. Hannah is sitting in the back seat with Ephram's hat on that Amy got him. The time is 11:20am.]

HANNAH: We could go bowling?

AMY: Pass.

HANNAH: What about the railroad museum?

EPHRAM: Please take off that hat. You're scaring me.

[Hannah takes off the hat.]

HANNAH: Sorry.

[Ephram takes a left.]

AMY: What are you doing? We can't go down here. Someone might see us.

EPHRAM: Well, where else are we gonna go. Already been everywhere in this town twice.

HANNAH: What is that?

[Hannah sees Louise blowdrying the moose head outside the Brown and Abbott Medical office.]

EPHRAM: Yeah, this sucks. If we were in New York, we could go down to Chelsea Piers, maybe hit the Village.

AMY: Well, we're not so shut up.

EPHRAM: Go to the park, check out all the freaks.

HANNAH: You could always take me back to school.

AMY and EPHRAM: No!!

HANNAH: So happy to be kidnapped by the Bickersons.

AMY: He's the one who's fighting.

EPHRAM: I'm not fighting, all right, I'm just frustrated. It's almost noon and we're still in the frikken' car.

HANNAH: I know who would know what to do today?

[Cut to Clerk's office - Bright is sitting at his desk. It is 11:34am. He gets an email. He opens it. A picture of Amy and Ephram pop up on his screen with a message.]

BRIGHT: (reading the email) Look up.

[Bright looks up and sees his boss, Mr. Perch, and Hannah coming towards his desk. Hannah is upset.]

HANNAH: (upset) It's Mr. Jingles. There's been a terrible accident. I-I was backing out of your driveway and Jack Johnson came on so I was looking down at the radio and I just... I never even saw him. I am so sorry.

BRIGHT: Oh my God.

MR. PERCH: If you want to take some personal time, I can get Lena to cover for you.

BRIGHT: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you, Mr. Perch. You are a stand-up guy.

[Bright grabs his coat and he takes Hannah and walks out of the office toward the elevator sadly.]

[Cut to the hallway - Bright and Hannah are heading for the elevator.]

BRIGHT: Mr. Jingles?

[The elevator opens and Jillian is there.]

JILLIAN: Hey gorgeous. You going to lunch?

BRIGHT: Uh, no, umm, funeral. Family friend. I'm probably not gonna be back, so...

JILLIAN: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you need to cancel tonight?

BRIGHT: Tonight? Ah, no, I'm still on. Just give me a call?

JILLIAN: Abso-tootely.

[Jillian walks on and Bright and Hannah enter the elevator.]
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