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Thanks for starting Tracey. Title Inspiration:
Originally Posted by Waldfrau (View Post)

I think I got it from Garret and Robbie telling on their podcast that they used to call the caretaker in the pilot "banjoman" on set.
From the previous thread'

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The fact that there are aspects of Voyager that you guys describe as annoying you gets at the core issues I have with how the fandom talks about the show.

I rarely see the Voyager fandom just celebrating the series for the characters it gave us and the stories it told; most conversations about the show from those who say they're fans of it are paired with "buts" that become the focus of the conversation and end up diminishing the series.

Yes, Voyager has its fair share of issues; it's still an excellent series that melded the Episodic and Serialized together to create a new kind of Star Trek, and I wish the fandom was more inclined v to recognize and champion its strengths instead of focusing on its weaknesses.
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Some of it is maybe a bit of a love/hate thing. The way you're annoyed about the quirks of a person you love.

F. ex. "Treshold" often gets named as the worst Trek episode ever, but I don't think it really is the worst Trek episode. It's just very memorable and maybe feels like a lot of wasted opportunities because some interesting ideas got mixed up in way that's not thought through.

I don't think you need to love every single detail, episode or storyline to be a genuine fan of the show. I really enjoyed that there were some continuing storylines as opposed to all being completely stand alone episodes. There was some terrific character development. Tom, B'Elanna and Neelix in particular really matured and grew over the course of the show.
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